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Covelli law firm provides integrated legal support to local and international company
through its Italian and Chinese affiliated offices.

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Doing Business in China

With a team of Italian and Chinese lawyers, we advise your company to develop business opportunity throughout Greater China.
We can advice you on:
    * Commercial Contracts
    * Incorporation of 100% Foreign Company (WHOFE)
    * Incorporation of Joint Ventures
    * M&A in China and cross-border



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Mondo Cinese 145

R. Covelli, Cina, Catasto e Registri pubblici immobiliari, p.175 ss.,
Anno 2011


Incoterms 2010

Covelli Studio Legale



OTT 24 2016

"Le buone pratiche per esportare e farsi pagare in Cina, Hong Kong e Taiwan."

Organizer: Covelli Studio Legale, Consorzio PAVIAEXPORT.
Pavia, Piazzetta Garavaglia, 05 | ore 16
OTT 6 2016

"I contratti internazionali"

Organizer: Camera di Commercio Foggia.


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