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expo2015 B2BCovelli studio legale has participated at EU-Mediterranean Countries & Turkey Days held last May 6 in Milan.  The event was organized by the European Commission DG-GROW, Promos, Milan Chamber of Commerce, Assolombarda with the goal of promoting investment opportunities and partnership between Italian and foreign companies.
About 500 companies and non-governmental organizations from European Union, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey joined the event.
Following the theme of #Expo2015 (#Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life), the event focused on agro-industry industrial sectors: manufacturers of functional foods, nutraceuticals, niche products; processing; preservation technologies; safety and quality control, food traceability; packaging and design; food chain management; logistics and retail, food production, processing, storage, packaging, logistics, quality control, renewable energy, biotechnology, environmental resource management. The international event, held during #EXPO2015, represented an important occasion to discussion the EU programs for the promotion of industrial cooperation between the two shores of the Mediterranean sea.
With its presence at this event, Covelli studio legale confirms that the firm works closely to the business world and internationalization programs, more and more strategic for Italian companies. Covelli studio legale, in fact, with his program called “TradePassport”, demonstrated its commitment to promote and encourage the culture of the internationalization among the Italian SMEs.

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